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UFOs, Real

Foo Fighter UFOs, WW2

UFO is an acronym which stands for Unidentified Flying Object, but they have also been called flying saucers or flying discs since the early 1940's and 50's, even flying flapjack, and also called unexplained flying discs, and even just unidentifiable object, or even as "Bogey" by military personnel and pilots during the cold war. According to the definition made by the United States Air Force, the term "UFO", Unidentified Flying Object, applies to any airborne object which by performance, aerodynamic characteristics, or unusual features, does not conform to any presently known aircraft or missile type, or which cannot be positively identified as a familiar object. The term foo fighter was used by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena, seen flying in the skies right alongside their own aircraft while doing sorties and raids, assumed to be secret weapons employed by the enemy. The UFO topic even gained considerable interest during the height of the Cold War because of a series of Unidentified Flying Objects were reported seen flying in formation over Washington, D.C. in July of 1952, which is just one of many famous incidents. Not to mention these UFOs and alien visitors have seemed to become more popular recently in the 2010's up to present day, and for many different reasons, but mostly because they have started to become more common in our TV shows and movies, even documentaries such as Ancient Aliens. Also because some people are starting to consider the UFO as a spiritual significance.

Many of these reported UFO sightings are of seemingly mechanical-type spaceships that have no apparent terrestrial origin. However, there are other types of UFOs or airborne phenomena which lack mechanical type parts. These are usually described as Light Formations, reportedly witnessed both at close ranges and great distances. Both types of UFOs have at times appeared in radar tracking, as well as having many eyewitness reports of sightings or encounters with unexplained phenomena. An extraordinary collection of photographs, film and video from around the world have at times captured images of both types of UFO presence. In order to understand some of these strange events, some explanation of the nature of time, matter and perception is required. Regarding the mechanical solid object UFOs often witnessed and documented, these objects are existing, at the time of encounter, within the ranges of perception of the 3rd dimension. In other words, these objects are functioning within the same time-space continuum as other objects within the Earth's objectively perceivable and measurable reality.

Mechanical UFO

So, we can essentially say that any such three-dimensionally perceivable UFO is, at the point of encounter, functioning within the laws and mechanics of physics as our human societies presently understands them. Then, the next important question to think about is that of the origin of the object being perceived. For, the question of “what it is” is directly related to the issue of “where it came from,” so you can't really answer one question without answering the other. Official investigation into the nature of three-dimensional mechanical-type UFO events centers around explaining these phenomena using the current premise of scientific thought. The core assumption or root belief within the scientific arena is that planet Earth of three-dimensional reality is the “only” real reality that exists, and yet some how this mysterious phenomena must be explained within this limited scope of beliefs and perception. Underlying and interwoven with this core assumption is the idea that the human species is the only “real intelligent life form” in the universe, and that the three-dimensional Earth field of perceivable reality is the only “real” reality and thus all things must be explained within the perceivable confines of that reality. In regards to the three-dimensional mechanical UFO sightings, the first series of intelligent questions that should be asked involve how the object behaves in relation to the known laws of physics as they are presently understood. Does the object exhibit behavior consistent with those laws, or are there anomalies in its exhibited characteristics that seem to contradict or push beyond the scope of those laws as they are presently known?

Time, space and perception are intimately intertwined. Science and physics have already lent credence to the “theory” that time is not linear in nature as once thought. The mechanics of quantum physics present a solid argument for the curvature of time and for the possibilities of “times” coexisting in overlay formation. One sequence of events being superimposed over others and each functioning within their own “coordinate pattern” or frequency band, also called a dimension. Does the appearance of three-dimensionally perceivable UFOs of the mechanical type, behave in accordance with known physical laws? Or, does it exhibit properties not consistent with laws of solid matter? Did it display erratic movement patterns or maneuvering abilities seemingly superior to those of known aircraft in the earth system? When such events are encountered it is usually assumed that the UFO must be a physical aircraft made of solid matter and possessing a mechanical technology advanced in comparison to your own. But, this is not always the case.

Real UFO, Radar Tracking, Sighting

Some three-dimensional mechanical-type UFOs are indeed solid aircraft. Some are quite terrestrial in nature and are born of the secret scientific societies that exist within the Earth's governmental structures. I prefer to call these covert constructions the Shadow Government, and in sightings involving this group, the Shadow Government will not confess or admit to its own advanced flying devices, because in order to do so would require revealing that it is in possession of technologies that are far superior to what it has led the public and general scientific communities to believe. It is easier to allow such sightings of their crafts to fall “between the cracks” so to speak, and join the ranks of other UFO sightings, sort of blend in with other rather than to incite individuals to start asking the right questions. Much is being withheld globally by such governments underground, including many developments concerning our own technologies as well here down on Earth. Our sciences and physics are far more advanced than what we have been led to believe, and this cover up of information has been a consciously orchestrated deception emanating from the highest places within our governmental hierarchies. We have technologies and knowledge presently within our culture that could literally wipe out most of the diseases and maladies we experience on a global scale, but this knowledge is being kept from us by segments within our own populations. The knowledge in the possession of the underground elite would literally weaken and break apart all the present cultural structures as we know them, from science to health care, from economics to religion.

However, some three-dimensional mechanical UFOs are not simply covert developments of the technologically elite, they are far more. Some such UFOs are indeed space ships belonging to other intelligent species within your galactic sector. Yes, we are being visited, watched and studied by various other cultures of intelligent beings that we are not yet, as a whole, aware of. And yes, some of our UFO sightings involve solid-matter aircraft piloted by such life forms. Many of these visitors are indeed from outer space as you think of it, and some of these groups are in active workings with our Shadow Government. But, not all of our threedimensional UFOs fit into these aforementioned categories. There is quite often much more to the UFO than meets the eye, as you will soon discover. We must begin to realize the truths hidden within our mathematics and geometries, for in the mechanics of these sciences the existence of multiple worlds, including parallel Earths, and dimensions is indicated and will one day be proven as fact.

Real UFO, Radar Tracking, Sighting

There are Parallel Earth Systems and there are portals through time that link our world with others and with other versions of itself. Some of these other worlds or Earths have a more advanced technology than our own. Many of our sightings of mechanical-type and light-formation type UFOs emanate from these other systems. At times objects, and people, from these parallel systems interface briefly with our system, and they can appear in a variety of different forms. What you might see as a cigar-shaped object hovering in the sky in our reality may in actuality be a house, a car or a weather pattern from a parallel dimension interfacing with our time-space coordinate accidentally. Such phenomena are not necessarily vessels or travel craft at all, but common objects from a parallel system that appear in different form when they interface with the electromagnetic frequency bands of our dimension. Other discs and objects are actual solid-matter aircraft but these will emanate from within our own dimensional system, either from human-related sources or from sources of an extra-terrestrial nature. To further this point a bit, I will add that many of our “naturally occurring” biophysical phenomena, such as ball lightening, are also sightings of the interdimensional kind. Sightings so common that our scientists consider them to be part of the organic operations of planetary physics. These common interdimensional phenomena (lightning, thunder, magnetic variations, etc.) are actually the residual effect of action taking place within other dimensional fields.

As you may now see, when addressing the issue of UFOs, we are not just dealing with events that have only one explanation. For your information, the US government does possess threedimensional solid wreckage from various craft not of human manufacture. This wreckage has come from two primary places, and some of it is not wreckage at all. There have been UFO spaceships from higher dimensional systems that passed through the dimensional portal structures, and emerged within our system. These craft are not equipped to deal with magnetism as it exists within our dimension, and they most often crash or incinerate upon entry. There are 4 such wreckage fragments presently in the possession of the US government. 2 of these originate from higher level dimensional systems, and 2 have come from our own third-dimensional level system but from another galaxy. The wreckage of these 4 aforementioned UFOs is the least of which our government is attempting to hide. There exists several hundred other spaceships of advanced technology harbored by the US government alone (many more globally), but these were not the result of reconnaissance. The vessels and instrumentation I speak of were traded, presented as a gift from those whose culture created them… a culture our government has been aware of since 1926 and actively involved in negotiations with since 1934.

Real UFO, Radar Tracking, Sighting

Wake up humans! If you continue to believe without question the information concerning UFOs and extra-terrestrial life presented to you by our governments and media, you will have effectively rendered yourself blind and powerless over the true reality within which our lives are stationed - a reality that you need to be aware of before you allow yourself to fall victim to the disinformation that has been hand fed to you for generations. If you think that our human species is alone and superior within the universe - you are in for a rude awakening! Within the next 50 years of our time, the reality of which I speak will become painfully obvious to many of you, even to those who choose to keep their heads in the sand and pretend away the existence of extraterrestrial and multidimensional reality. Your awakening does not have to be painful, not if you are prepared, not if you are informed. And so I seek to make available to you the information you will need in order to make a smooth transition into multilevel inter-galactic consciousness - the next stage of growth upon the pathway of human evolution.

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UFO is an acronym which stands for Unidentified Flying Object, but they have also been called flying saucers, flying discs, unexplained flying discs, or just unidentifiable object, foo fighers, even as Bogey. Official investigation into the nature of three-dimensional mechanical-type UFO events centers around explaining these phenomena using the current premise of scientific thought. The core assumption or root belief within the scientific arena is that planet Earth of three-dimensional reality is the “only real reality that exists”. The mechanics of quantum physics present a solid argument for the curvature of time and the possibilities of “times” coexisting in overlay formation... one sequence of events being superimposed over others and each functioning within their own “coordinate pattern” or frequency band, or dimension.