Ascension Spiritual Meaning

Spiritual Ascension Meaning

Spiritual Ascension meaning and definition, to go up or climb after physical death, with your human Spirit, rise upwards through the ranks of spiritual dimensions, from our current reality level of 3rd Dimension up to your angelic avatar 12th dimension and beyond, like stepping up a ladder to the next floor level. Descension is the opposite direction, to Fall after death to a lower plane, but that is another topic regarding Fallen Angels and digressed humans and Phantom Earth Matrix. Spiritual Ascension tools can assist us in accelerating our expansion of consciousness through natural stimulation of the personal DNA Divine Human Blueprint, Kundalini divine feminine energy, chakras or energy vortices, and star merkaba vehicle of light. Spiritual Ascension techniques are built upon the foundations of Ultra-Micro Particle Mechanics and advanced Scalar Mechanics of conscious energy, as understood by races of higher evolution. These paradigms of science are not yet recognized or validated by contemporary earth science perspectives. Because Spiritual Ascension knowledge and technologies are based upon what is viewed by modern Earth science paradigms as a speculative, rather than verifiable science, I discuss Spiritual Ascension meaning and definition and techniques only as an option to explore in one's own private meditation. Such DNA regenesis technologies have already been taught before as common knowledge within the Ascension Schools of Pre-Ancient advanced human cultures and were utilized as standard practice in pre-ancient time periods such as Atlantis or Lemuria. Spiritual Ascension techniques are built upon the natural laws of scalar wave (conscious energy) mechanics. Spiritual Ascension techniques are specific applications of conscious energy projection within ones personal higher self's Divine Human Blueprint that stimulates dormant portions of the personal Divine Human Blueprint, which allows for a natural, progressive and accelerated Spiritual Ascension from your current 3rd Dimensional Incarnate Identity reality to your 12th Dimensional Avatar Identity reality.

Ascension techniques simultaneously create subtle natural acceleration within the interwoven energy systems of your DNA Template, Chakra System, Star Merkaba Fields, Kundalini energies, higher dimensional consciousness and Subtle Energy Body anatomy. In the original ancient Spiritual Ascension teachings, it is said that such techniques allow an individual to affect the function of the scalar wave template of the body, working co-creatively under the direction of the individual’s own higher dimensional levels of Avatar consciousness. Since your Higher Self 12th Dimensional Avatar is the true spiritual identity of your Soul and since it governs your Spiritual Ascension process, such technologies are completely safe and natural to the organic design of the human being. In advanced ancient human cultures, DNA regenesis technologies represented a natural attribute of consciousness expansion into the worlds of higher evolution and assisted to biologically prepare humans for Star Gate passage or Ascension.

If you can realize that the human mind is an energy force that continually generates patterns of conscious energy which creates scalar waves through the process of thought, it is not difficult to understand how appropriately directed intentional thought can directly influence the function of the personal scalar blueprint. All thoughts serve this purpose, and directly affect the observable state of the mind-body-spirit systems and the manifestation of events within the external personal life drama. Thoughts are things, scalar wave configurations of multi-dimensional vibrating patterns of electromagnetic energy radiation, which form specific patterns of scalar frequency within the personal Divine Human Blueprint. Undirected thought creates chaotic patterns within the Divine Blueprint, while thought directed through clear intention creates ordered patterns within the Divine Blueprint. Thought directed with clear intention, and knowledge of the structure of Subtle-Body Anatomy, is a very potent form of scalar power. The patterns of scalar energy frequency that thought projects into the personal Divine Blueprint serve as electromagnetic operational instructions within the template, directly affecting the conditions that will be met in manifest experience. To develop skill in the manifestation process, the conscious intending mind must become more familiar with the language of scalar waves, as this is the language of light and sound upon which the Divine Human Blueprint operates.

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